Brett Stimely “Organic Sierra Sage” , Pre-Oscar’s Gift

Brett Stimely “Organic Sierra Sage” , Pre-Oscar’s Academy Awards 2015 Gift

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  1. Brett Stimely “Organic Sierra Sage” Lip Balms, Pre-Oscar’s Academy Awards 2015 Celebrity Lifestyle Gift

Brand: “Sierra Sage”

Color: Orange/Green

Material: Citrus Zest & Cool Mint, 1oz. Aloe-E, Dry Skin Care, Travel Kit, Skin Care, Dry Skin Remedy, Lip Balm for Dry Lips, Skin Health, Organic Skin Care

Size: 6 in w x 4 in h

Condition: New

Style#: BST073-LP-MC

Charity: Olive Crest

Terms: actors,awards,beauty,bretts,celebrities,organic-products,producers,products,tv-person

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