About Us

Startuch.com is a service for celebrities and charities, a California registered corporation since September 2012, based in Los Angeles, Ca, USA.

Their co-founders have had the vision since 2009, a plan to bring a “24/7” worldwide fundraising platform for celebrities and charities in order to reach the widest audience possible selling / auctioning celebrity pre-owned items and / or any objects they touch, from movies, sets, events, etc…

Startuch’s mission is to bring the power of the STARS, and their celebrities’ fan base to drive the auction, all to benefit from being a charity supporter. We are in this together to keep funding charities.

Our network and platform will bring together fans, celebrities, and charities from around the globe. Startuch goes beyond Hollywood, throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.

What does Startuch.com do in the process? Aside from the website, Startuch.com will manage the entire process,

including product authentication, product pick up, storage, photography, packaging, advertising, and other company expenses.

How much does Startuch.com charge for management? Startuch keeps a fix 25% on all final transactions, for its services. The SELLER/DONOR gives a minimum 25% to its chosen charity, up to 75% of the proceeds; stated in How to Sell.

We are NOT a tax exempt organization. Nevertheless, those who donate still benefit from tax exemption from the charity who is their benefactor.

We plan to raise over a billion USD per year for a variety of charities within four to five years of activity, becoming one of the top philanthropic organizations in the world.