Tsaritza Luxury Goods

Tsaritza Luxury Goods

TsariTza is the female Tsar, meaning in Russian The Queen and is known to over 300m people. The Founder, Evgenia Lorcy took the name of the Russian Sovereign and interpreted it into a Luxuary Brand called “TsariTza”.
The Brand “TsariTza” was created in May 2010 in Paris, by Evgenia Gvodestkaya-Lorcy, who has a long history in fashion design between New-York and Paris.
“TsariTza” brand is inspired by the Queens flamboyant jewels and accessories. Evgenia interpretes ancient regal style and caftsmanship, into a modern sophisticated imperial look, by also incrusting the logos and crests on the clutches and accessories with precious and semi-precious gems, which makes it the “signature look”

Styles range from day luxurious simplicity to evening extravaganza, from plain classic to rock chic. Whether you are going for lunch, diner party or Red Carpet event; whether your look is, jeans, casual chic or cocktail dress, the “TsariTza” crocodile Clutches and accessories are always a touch of luxury and class.
“TsariTza” crocodile Clutches and other accessories, are now made in the best “ateliers” in Los Angeles.
They are worn and admired by many celebrities and socialites around the world.

TsariTza has also has a Cosmetic line, matching the elegance and the style of the other products.

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