Stay Young MD Antoine LORCY

Stay Young
Staying young is intended for all those and all those who are interested, for themselves, for relatives or curiosity to the problems of aging. This theme is for a few years in fashion and rightly, the subject of great media: books, articles, interviews, radio and television programs are occurring at an accelerated rate, which, as always, the best and the worst rub. If accurate information is often given, many against-truths are also emitted. This book – which is above all a practical book – identify as objectively as possible all means available today to curb excessively rapid aging and live as long as possible in shape. It is the result of thirty years experience involving thousands of patients, in light of multiple readings, numerous participations in conferences or symposiums (in France and abroad), as well as very fruitful discussions with colleagues from all countries. Dr. Lorcy describes the different techniques or treatments currently used to deal with the problems of aging, whether or not hormone hormone treatments, but also the various practices to improve the image of the individual and a greater well-being. Everyone will find here an answer to the many questions raised by the age and the desire to live better.