Q & A

How long does the Auction Lasts?

Our Auctions lasts from from one week to two weeks. 

What is our Return & Refund?

We are sorry but we offer no refunds nor returns.

What is our shipping?

We ship items after 2 business days, of received payment  from Los Angeles.

Where do items come from?

They are given to us by celebrities , public figures, studios, etc… 

In what condition will you receive the item(s)? 

You will receive the item(s) in the exact condition it was given to us, along with a Certificate of Authenticity.  In case of fashion item, Startuch does iron the clothes, but do not remove stains, sew, nor fix in any way. 

Who manages the sale?

All sales are done and managed by Startuch.com in accordance with a common agreement between Startuch and the donor.