Laboratoire Nutergia
NUTERGIA 25 years of history and expertise in micronutrition
Claude Lagarde, biologist pharmacist , founded in 1989 NUTERGIA Laboratory, the laboratory of the Active Cellular Nutrition ® . His first concern was to get as many people the opportunity to take care of his body through a healthy diet .
Antoine and Claude Lagarde
And with the same commitment and the same approach as his ethics son Antoine Lagarde and a team of passionate employees NUTERGIA continue the adventure.
So since 25 years already, the Laboratory NUTERGIA work with you to help you regain balance and well-being through more than 75 quality food supplements which expertise is recognized by many health professionals .
We bring you as lifestyle advice and nutritional rebalancing solutions.

NUTERGIA, laboratorio de complementos nutricionales, fundado en 1989 por Claude LAGARDE, Doctor en Farmacia y Biólogo.
Especializado en la investigación y el desarrollo de complementos nutricionales de alta calidad, NUTERGIA se diferencia por su novedoso concepto de trabajo: la NUTRICIÓN CELULAR ACTIVA (NCA).