Stay Young MD Antoine LORCY

Stay Young
Staying young is intended for all those and all those who are interested, for themselves, for relatives or curiosity to the problems of aging. This theme is for a few years in fashion and rightly, the subject of great media: books, articles, interviews, radio and television programs are occurring at an accelerated rate, which, as always, the best and the worst rub. If accurate information is often given, many against-truths are also emitted. This book – which is above all a practical book – identify as objectively as possible all means available today to curb excessively rapid aging and live as long as possible in shape. It is the result of thirty years experience involving thousands of patients, in light of multiple readings, numerous participations in conferences or symposiums (in France and abroad), as well as very fruitful discussions with colleagues from all countries. Dr. Lorcy describes the different techniques or treatments currently used to deal with the problems of aging, whether or not hormone hormone treatments, but also the various practices to improve the image of the individual and a greater well-being. Everyone will find here an answer to the many questions raised by the age and the desire to live better.



Laboratoire Nutergia
NUTERGIA 25 years of history and expertise in micronutrition
Claude Lagarde, biologist pharmacist , founded in 1989 NUTERGIA Laboratory, the laboratory of the Active Cellular Nutrition ® . His first concern was to get as many people the opportunity to take care of his body through a healthy diet .
Antoine and Claude Lagarde
And with the same commitment and the same approach as his ethics son Antoine Lagarde and a team of passionate employees NUTERGIA continue the adventure.
So since 25 years already, the Laboratory NUTERGIA work with you to help you regain balance and well-being through more than 75 quality food supplements which expertise is recognized by many health professionals .
We bring you as lifestyle advice and nutritional rebalancing solutions.

NUTERGIA, laboratorio de complementos nutricionales, fundado en 1989 por Claude LAGARDE, Doctor en Farmacia y Biólogo.
Especializado en la investigación y el desarrollo de complementos nutricionales de alta calidad, NUTERGIA se diferencia por su novedoso concepto de trabajo: la NUTRICIÓN CELULAR ACTIVA (NCA).

OhYeahLive Media & Tech


Based out of Los Angeles, serving the International community, offers marketing consultation, branding identity, social media, graphic design, internet marketing, traditional marketing, intellectual content, photography, feature film, long form and short form commercials, domain names, web hosting, SSL, and more…


Shekhar Rahate


Hollywood celebrity designer
Shekhar Rahate of Shekhar Rahate Haute Couture set records when he styled over 50 of his breathtaking creations for the Oscar Awards event on Sunday, March 2nd. Rahate’s one of a kind dresses were spotted not only on the Academy’s red carpet at the Dolby Theater where he reigned but also on several high profile occasions throughout Oscar season. These included red carpet events in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Hollywood at benefits for Children Uniting Nations, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Fame & Philanthropy, the French Tuesdays and Vanity Fair celebrations; and the Salute to the Stars and Night of 100 Stars galas.

Krampf Gallery

A Unique & Stunning Four Floor Exhibition Space.

Standing right across from the Istanbul Modern Museum and visited by approx. two hundred fifty people per week, Krampf Gallery is already a city landmark. Spanning four floors and located in the busiest district of the city, Krampf’s space has the presence of a small foundation rather than a gallery. Because it is located on the main road running along the Bosphorus, the gallery also enjoys close proximity to two million people in walking, driving, and tram traffic each day.


Tsaritza Luxury Goods

Tsaritza Luxury Goods

TsariTza is the female Tsar, meaning in Russian The Queen and is known to over 300m people. The Founder, Evgenia Lorcy took the name of the Russian Sovereign and interpreted it into a Luxuary Brand called “TsariTza”.
The Brand “TsariTza” was created in May 2010 in Paris, by Evgenia Gvodestkaya-Lorcy, who has a long history in fashion design between New-York and Paris.
“TsariTza” brand is inspired by the Queens flamboyant jewels and accessories. Evgenia interpretes ancient regal style and caftsmanship, into a modern sophisticated imperial look, by also incrusting the logos and crests on the clutches and accessories with precious and semi-precious gems, which makes it the “signature look”

Styles range from day luxurious simplicity to evening extravaganza, from plain classic to rock chic. Whether you are going for lunch, diner party or Red Carpet event; whether your look is, jeans, casual chic or cocktail dress, the “TsariTza” crocodile Clutches and accessories are always a touch of luxury and class.
“TsariTza” crocodile Clutches and other accessories, are now made in the best “ateliers” in Los Angeles.
They are worn and admired by many celebrities and socialites around the world.

TsariTza has also has a Cosmetic line, matching the elegance and the style of the other products.