Our Mission

Startuch.com’s mission is to raise funds for charity organizations chosen and supported by celebrities. We are auctioning their pre-owned items 24/7 in order to raise as much money as possible for the given charity of their choice. We encourage a buyer to bid on the item in the auction. If the buyer wins, as in any auction, the buyer pays for the item and we will send them the item immediately.

Our global internet platform is the one place, where celebrities, as well as other known public figures, and entities, can sell their vast resources of pre-owned items to raise money for the charities of their choice. We are in Los Angeles so we can be close to our Celebrity Donors.

Celebrities / Public Figures: Famous Musicians, Known Athletes, Movie Stars, Broadway, TV Stars, Infamous DJ’s, Fashion Designers, Fashion Models, Photographers, Politicians, Business Icons, Royals, Socialites, Jewelers, Prolific Writers, Painters, Sculptors, Dancers, etc…

Events: Red Carpets Awards, Premieres, Galas, Parties, Fundraisers, Concerts, Tours, Sports, Performances, Political campaigns, Conferences, Appearances, etc…

Startuch.com is a service for celebrities and charities, a California registered corporation since September 2012, based in Los Angeles, Ca, USA. Startuch keeps a fix 25% on all final transactions, for its services. The SELLER/DONOR gives a minimum 25% to its chosen charity, up to 75% of the proceeds.

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